Game Pricing

Game Standard

Customizable questionnaire for your event | Participate in a lottery for FREE TICKETS for a right answer | Displayed on our partners' websites | Your event gains more awareness amongst potential attendees | Suitable to smaller campaigns
18 BGN
Up to 100 participants;
Gather participants' email and phone;
Double opt-in (GDPR compliant);
Polls and surveys with unlimited questions;
Three answer types (Radio - multiple answers, only one correct; Checkbox - multiple answers, more than one may be correct; Simple text);
Export your users' info;
Generator for GDPR compliance Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies;
Advertising on our partners' websites – 0.3 EUR per participant with confirmed opt-in.

Game Professional

TOP SELLER | Suitable for helping you build up your newsletter list | Turn your questionnaire participants into ambassadors
49 BGN
Everything in Standard+
Up to 500 participants;
User referrals module (users increase their chance to win for every invited user);
Embed in your own website or Facebook page;
Embed in other websites and track statistics;
Create tracking links for website partners and Facebook groups;
Option to integrate your Google Analytics and other tracking pixels;
Advertising on our partners' websites – 0.15 EUR per opted-in participant.

Game Premium

Designed for experienced marketers | Work on a larger scale
99 BGN
Everything in Standard and Professional+
Unlimited participants per game;
Google Analytics (and other tracking pixels) integration;
Influencer module (reward your influencers per registered participant);
Participants can register with their Facebook and Google profiles;
Free advertising of your questionnaire in our network of websites;
Include the questionnaire as recommended in our email newsletter (50 000+ registered users).